New Architectures titles

28th July 2017

We are pleased to announce the release of four new products in our best-selling Architectures series. To complete the series, Volumes 9 and 10 and a bonus film, Paris, are now available either separately or as an 11-DVD box set.

Complete Series 11 DVD Boxset

The set features all 11 Architectures films including newly released volumes 9 and 10 alongside a bonus film, Paris.

Architectures 9

Comprising of 6 x 26 minute films about The Glass Galleon, France; The French Communist Party’s headquarters, France; The Glasgow School of Art, Scotland; The Unal House, France; Itimad-ud-Davlah, India; The Van Nelle factory, The Netherlands.

Architectures 10

Comprising of 6 x 26 minute films about The Wa Shan Guesthouse, China; Roissy 1, France; The Iron House, Belgium; The Philips Exeter Academy Library, USA; The Home for All at Rizkuzentakata, Japan; The Hotels de Soubise and de Rohan, France.

Paris (bonus volume)

Forming the 11th volume in the complete box set, this is the story of how Paris became a vibrant metropolis told through two films: Paris, The Invention of the Modern City (black and white, 49 mins) and Paris Ring (colour, 54 mins).

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