New year, new blog?

9th January 2020

John Wyver writes: The end of last year was a shameful time for this blog, in large part because I posted ridiculously infrequently. Shortage of time was one factor, linked to a host of personal and professional pressures. But I don’t think it was just that.

After all there was lots that I wanted to write about: new productions and releases from Illuminations, a cornucopia of links that I was keen to share, exhibitions and films and books and television that I wanted to celebrate and, on occasion, to critique. Much as I’ve always done. But now there’s the sense that no-one reads blog posts any more – and as a consequence no-one writes them. Except of course they do. So I’m going to have another go. aiming to contribute two or three pieces a week, even if they are really short and snappy contributions.

To begin with, let me recommend as warmly as I can Protest!, a major retrospective of the paintings and films and costumes and much more of the great and glorious Derek Jarman. Curated by Seán Kissane, this is on at the Irish Museum of Modern Art in Dublin until 25 February (above is an installation shot from the Museum). It will then travel to Manchester Art Gallery (2 April – 31 August), where it will be displayed in a different configuration co-curated by Jon Savage. There’s so much to write about Derek and the show, which I’ll try to do over the coming days, but for the moment let me say that if you have a chance of getting to Dublin, go see!

PS. If you don’t want to take my word for it, read Cal Revely-Calder’s thoughtful 5-star review for the Telegraph.

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