The return of Bourne’s Romeo + Juliet

20th June 2023

After dazzling audiences when it was first staged in 2019, Romeo + Juliet comes back to the stage for four months from July 2023, establishing itself firmly within the New Adventures repertoire alongside the very best of Bourne’s world-renowned dance theatre productions.

Shakespeare’s timeless story of forbidden love is told with a scintillating injection of raw passion and youthful vitality. Confined against their will by a society that seeks to divide them, Shakespeare’s two young lovers must follow their hearts as they risk everything to be together.

Matthew Bourne’s Romeo + Juliet is a masterful re-telling of an ageless tale of teenage discovery and the madness of first love.

Illuminations released the fabulous screen version in 2020 and the film is available as a DVD, with extras, or for streaming and download here. If you don’t get to see the stage show, our film is a perfect antidote. Better still, why not buy our Matthew Bourne Collection boxset which features this film and 4 other sumptuous stage-to-screen performances, including the indomitable Swan Lake?

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