Tony Garnett, RIP

13th January 2020

John Wyver writes: How sad to wake up this morning to the news of the death of a truly great television producer and filmmaker, and also a wonderful man, Tony Garnett. Here’s the Guardian story, with a 2016 photograph above by Sarah Lee, reporting his passing at the age of 83. There’s so much to say about his significance to British television from Up the Junction (1965) to This Life (1996-97) and beyond. There’s an excellent website about his work, and fortunately Tony wrote a fascinating memoir, much of which is about the extraordinary events of his early life, The Day the Music Died.

I’ll offer some further thoughts over the next couple of days, but by way of a tiny tribute here is the delightful interview that I conducted with him some six years ago about his work as an actor in the BBC’s ground-breaking History plays cycle, An Age of Kings (1960). We’ve released the full series on DVD and it is available here.

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