The Wars of the Roses – grrrr!

1st July 2016

We have discovered that a number of the first box sets of The Wars of the Roses include mis-labelled discs. This is especially disappointing for us given how much effort has gone into their production. The duplication facility has ackowledged their mistake and are rapidly re-printing corrected versions. We hope to have to have these new sets of discs within a week. If you discover that you have such a set, in which the disc label and the contents do not match up, please send your postal address to and we will send out a new version to you within a few days. And please accept our apologies for this screw-up.


  1. APR Howatt says:

    Yes, I have a set of the ‘Wars of the Roses’ discs which are not labelled correctly. My postal address is:

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