The Sunday dozen

17th March 2024

John Wyver writes: a little late this week, and I'm completing the choice on a train to Stratford-upon-Avon for a final RSC "goodbye" to Greg Doran - as usual, here are a dozen articles and audio elements that I found more

Sunday links

12th December 2021

John Wyver writes: this week's selections begin with an exceptional profile from The New Yorker; see also the Guardian longread below the break, which is as good as anything the fabled US magazine publishes. • On Succession, more

Coventry conversation [updating]

9th June 2021

John Wyver writes: I know that posting comments to blog posts is so late noughties, and as a consequence no-one does it anymore, but I did want to try this as an experiment - and I'm very grateful to those more